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Sync to - Last exit Position and have transition Segments

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So, I've been stuck trying to get some things to work regarding musical playback.


In the game I'm currently working on, the player is able to switch between two layers, lets call them Layer A, and Layer B.
I've set a playlist with specific musical tracks for each Layer. The playlists contains about eight tracks each.
The music is playing more or less all the time, switching to different tracks as I have set it up to do in the playlist.

What I want to accomplish is that when the player moves between Layers, the music in each layer continues to play from where the last exit position was.

In the Music Switch Group I've set up a transition rule: (Layer A -----> Layer B) with a transition rule Saying "Jump to - Last Played Segment" and "Sync to - Last Exit Position". i've also done the same the other way around.
This works fine on it's own, but, I've also set up transition segments to play between tracks. And with this option on, it doesn't work.

It feels like a "You can't both have the cake and eat it" situation. Either I do it one way or the other. But, I want to eat the cake! :)
Is there any other way to aproach this?

(Sorry for rambling, I hope you understand my question)...

Thanks for any and all help!
asked Sep 21 in General Discussion by ola B. (100 points)

1 Answer

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A work around could be further granulate your tracks. If you only have a few exit positions for each of your tracks you could cut down those in different files and use ''Jump to - Next Segment'' so that you get your transition segment.
answered Oct 2 by N. V. (1,350 points)