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Microsoft flight simulator - distance RTPC

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Hello! I am trying to make a sound change its pitch depending on distance from the camera in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is not doppler effect - but specifically distance that I need. When I look through the attenuation editor, I cannot see the pitch option for the simvar. When I look at the RTPC section, there is no distance RTPC either. I looked around some other questions and it seemed that RTPC distance was there in other projects, but in mine I cannot find it. I was trying to use built in parameters by making a new environmental game sync "DISTANCE" and attaching it to built in parameter "distance". However this had no effect at all. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Could somebody tell me how I can attach a pitch of a sound to distance in a wwise project of Microsoft Flight Simulator? Thanks.
asked Sep 18 in General Discussion by Boris V. (100 points)

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