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Wwise event can't be heard after playing and stopping in Unreal Engine 4 Editor [closed]

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I have same problem below link.

It is the video about that problem. Please check it and fix please.. I'm very tired cuz that problem.
The Wwise Version is 2021.1.3.7665 and Unreal Version is 4.26.2

I have a curious issue at the moment with Wwise and Unreal Engine 4. When I open my project, then right click on any of my audiokinetic event in my editor, then click "Play Event", it works just fine. But, after that, if I hit Play (to play the game) in the editor, then Stop, and I try to right-click on any of my audiokinetic event and click "Play Event", I won't hear anything anymore, and that issue will stay until I close the engine and reopen the project, which is a really big annoyance.

By doing some tests, it seems that it really is that sequence of events that triggers the issue, because when I open my project and I DON'T try to ''Play Event'' an audiokinetic event, just start playing the game in the editor, then stopping it, and then I try to ''Play Event'', I hear it. And then if I play the game in the editor again, then stop, and try again to ''Play Event'', the issue is there and I won't here it until I restart the engine.

Thank you.

asked Aug 14 in Feature Requests by 주은 (130 points)
closed Aug 16 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)
I will close to centralize the discussion in the question linked.

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Thank you for reporting the issue.

This issue was reproduced on our side has been assigned the following ticket number: WG-53110.

We encourage you to report bugs through the Bug Reporter or use the Support Ticket to get direct assistance from our support team.

answered Aug 16 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (10,720 points)
selected Aug 16 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)