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Listener Gain attenuation or Listener Volume Offset if Spatialization is True.

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Please add to API the ability to statically and dynamically (fade in/fade out) change Listener's gain in single and in multilistener modes. Cinematic cuts need this function to avoid amplitude and phase jumps during momentary switches between Listeners. Interpolation does not work well for ambisonic bus, multiplying audiosource to fadein/fadeout is not effective thing (and sometimes it looks like running after a train and yelling to the driver to turn down his train's sound). Gain for the Listener - optimal solution, as for a microphone.

Or, as a first approximation, the ability to do Volume Offset if Listener's Spatialization is set to True

AK::SoundEngine::SetListenerSpatialization( 0, true );

asked Jul 25 in Feature Requests by Arcady N. (100 points)
edited Jul 26 by Arcady N.

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