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Open Wwise project from command line on macOS

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Unlike on Windows, none of the following commands could open a project from CLI


open -a /Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise_version/ /path/to/myproj/myproj.wproj

/Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise_version/ /path/to/myproj/myproj.wproj


Or using the pseudo-WIndows paths

open -a /Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise_version/ Z:\\path\\to\\myproj\\myproj.wproj

/Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise_version/ Z:\\path\\to\\myproj\\myproj.wproj


Does this feature exist on macOS?
asked Jul 1 in Feature Requests by Saul G. (290 points)

1 Answer

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Alright, I found it myself.

On macOS, we should use

/Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise_2021.1.1.7601/ z:\\Users\me\\path\\to\\wwise_proj\\wwise_proj.wproj
answered Jul 1 by Saul G. (290 points)
selected Jul 9 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic)