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Implement null/silence padding to ADPCM encoding options

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As it stands, the Loop Fix options for ADPCM encoding can be selected either between "Pitch Shifting" or "Interpolation / Elimination" (documentation here).

I would like to see a 'insert padding' mode added to these choices. This would insert digital silence to the end of file, effectively adding to meet whatever the ADPCM frame / block size is, and do so without touching pitch, truncating the actual sample or affecting any loop boundaries that may have been configured. That is, the insertion should occur at end of file, past the loop end marker.

This would be useful specifically for very short looped assets where the loop length equals the pitch/tuning, so as not to have the encoding break the tuning of a multisampled / tuned set of micro-size loops.

If this is not a viable option given the ADPCM spec or any other technical detail, then preferably adding any option that does not touch the pitch or loop length will also do :)

Thank you!

asked Jun 9 in Feature Requests by Arto (100 points)

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