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Unreal: AnimNotify_AKEvent Complains There is No AkComponent In Automated Tests

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The following warnings appear in our logs when running automated tests. They happen because developers are creating test characters and don't add the AK component.

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [AnimNotify_AkEvent_C_3] WARNING: AkComponent has been created in the notify. It will be using default values for all properties.
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [AnimNotify_AkEvent_C_3] WARNING: Should you wish to use different values, please attach an AkComponent to the Test_AI_Character_C_3.CharacterMesh0 SK_Wolf component on the Test_AI_Character3 actor beforehand.

I've added the AK Component with the proper socket after the fact, but the AnimNotify_AkEvent is still complaining. I'm not sure why this is the case.

Should these warnings even be warnings or are they more of an information? Is it bad that the AnimNotify has to create the AKComponent, if not my current plan is to downgrade these from a warning to an info? It only does it on initialization of the character mesh. It seems like wasted time to go and add the AK Components just for automated tests, when the audio doesn't matter for those specific tests.
asked Nov 4, 2019 in General Discussion by Megan S. (450 points)
retagged Nov 4, 2019 by Megan S.
Was there ever an answer to this? I'm getting the same thing and have no idea how to fix it!

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Maybe it's because some part of the AK component you added was written incorrectly. Check if your code/blueprint is completely written correctly.

Or, please pay attention to whether there are other suspicious errors in the output log.
answered May 8, 2020 by 刘乃豪 (140 points)
edited Sep 29 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)
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I have the exact same issue. How to disable those warnings?
answered Oct 8, 2020 by damien s. (130 points)
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Workaround : Right-Click on the AkEvent notify on your animation ---> Open Notify Blueprint ---> Delete the exec node going into print string (works 100%)

I was having this error for ages, couldn't figure out why! Apparently, if I uncheck the follow button on the details tab of the notify the error stops - but then it posts event at location instead of mesh which is a bummer. If you look through carefully in the blueprint there is a 'Print String' node for the true condition of 'Follow' and then it posts the print string of the error. I haven't solved how to actually stop the error. But the workaround just works fine. I just ended up deleting the exec node to print string and error has stopped. The sounds work fine so I don't care - although I'd be interested in knowing what the actual issue is and if Audiokinetic is addressing it in future updates!

From the true exec node of Branch after Get AK Component, going into the Print String - just delete it! 


answered Sep 20 by Chirag M. (190 points)