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Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Known Issues
  • WG-29964 It is not possible to connect the Wwise Profiler to a Linux game.
  • WG-29982 Use Reverb Volumes flag doesn't work in real time: The Blueprint box "Set use reverb volumes" does not work as expected.
  • WG-44750 Physical Material Override on the Mesh cannot be used for Acoustic Texture assignment with an AkGeometryComponent.
  • WG-48803 Posting Events from an Event, as well as setting Switch or State values, may lead to missing media in packaged games.
  • WG-52869 In Unreal 4.25 and prior versions, the Unreal Editor XML parser will fail to parse Work Units containing Wwise objects with attached notes.
  • WG-52497 The Unreal Editor may hang when modifying the Spatial Sound option on the current audio device. For example, this could occur when changing from Windows Sonic for Headphones to Off.

    Users encountering this issue may want to disable UE Audio to prevent this hang.

    In order to disable UE Audio, you must:

    1. Open your UE project's Config folder. (For example, WwiseAudioLab/Config.)
    2. Create a new subfolder called Windows.
    3. In the newly created Windows folder, create a WindowsEngine.ini file with the following contents: